Bathroom Break!

  • Each day the dogs get their first bathroom break around 7:00am.
    This bathroom break is approximately 5-10 minutes long
    and they get to go out on their own so they do not get distracted by the other dogs.

8am- 5pm

Playgroups and Rotational let outs!

  • Playgroups consist of 2-8 dogs maximum for large dogs, and a few more than 8 for the small dogs.
    If the weather is not very nice, we change this so that the dogs
    go outside for shorter periods, but get let out more often.
    The dogs in these groups will be of the same size and personality type.
    These groups will also be fully supervised by a staff member, and will be constantly rotated through until 5pm.


Treats and Break Time!

  • Dogs will receive their treats when you sign them up
    under Scheduled services! The treats that we offer include:
    · Homemade Bark-Fast Waffles ~
    · Bosco & Roxy’s Frozen Yogrrrz (assorted flavours) ~
    · Canine Cuisine Stuffed Kong (assorted flavours) ~
    · Canine Cove Swim ~
    · Cove/walk combo ~
    · Country Trail Walk ~ (2 Trail Walks same day)
    · One on One Session
    (20 Minutes of your dog one on one with a staff member doing your choice of activity) ~
    · Slumber Party Added nightly playtime (And a cookie!) ~


Bathroom Break!

  • The dogs will get their last bathroom break for the night. This bathroom break is approximately 5-10 minutes long and they get to go out on their own so they do not get distracted by the other dogs.


At The House, the dogs are let out frequently throughout the day as a group. They have indoor and outdoor play areas, and are always supervised by one or two staff members 24/7. You are welcome to drop off your dog for their scheduled stay anytime during our business hours. We are open 7:00am - 6:00pm Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm on Saturday, Sunday, & Statutory Holidays. We are closed for pick up and drop off on Christmas Day and New Years Day. If you are planning on picking up your dog after 11:00am on the departure date, there is a "Stay 'N Play" daycare fee of $17.99 (or $21.99 at The House).

Indoor and Outdoor Suite

Indoor and Outdoor Suite

Indoor/Outdoor suites have an indoor area attached to its own covered outdoor patio. The suites feature a skylight doggie door, making outside accessible anytime (weather permitting). Each suite includes its own raised kuranda bed and stainless steel self watering bowls for fresh water all day long. All suites attach to a play area with pools and lots of toys.

Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite

Our luxurious Deluxe Suites are designed for geriatric guests. They are quiet rooms with a lookout window, raised beds and a TV. Our Deluxe guests enjoy their own play area to lounge in along with quiet time and many extra features. If you have any special requests or specific questions, please let our staff know and they will be happy to assist!

V.I.P Suite

V.I.P Suite

Our V.I.P suites are quiet bedroom suites "just like home" complete with TV, skylight doggie door, raised kuranda suite bed, and a outdoor patio accessible all day (weather permitting). Each suite is lit with soft lighting, and the large doggie door provides an open atmosphere. Suites attach to a grass play area with lots of toys. Topping it off is a scenic trail walk that is included with stay.

Indoor/Outdoor Suite

  • One Dog$34.99/Night
  • Two Dogs (Sharing same suite) $59.49/Night
  • Three Dogs (Sharing same suite)$83.99/Night
  • Second/Third Dog Staying In Separate Suites10% Off/Night
  • Stay and Play Fee (After 11am until business close)$17.99

Deluxe Suite

  • One Dog $39.99/Night
  • Two Dogs (Sharing Same Suite) $66.99/Night
  • Three Dogs (Sharing Same Suite) $94.49/Night
  • Second/Third Dogs staying in separate suites 10% Off/Night
  • Stay and Play Fee (After 11am until business close)$17.99

V.I.P Suite

  • One Dog $49.99/Night
  • Two Dogs (Sharing Same Suite)$84.99/Night
  • Three Dogs (Sharing Same Suite)$119.99/Night
  • Second/Third Dog of same family in separate suites10% Off/Night
  • Stay and Play Fee (After 11am until business close)$17.99

Drop Off and Pick Up Hours

If your pup is having a spa day before departure, we require your estimated pick up time to ensure completion before pick up!!! Just like a regular hotel, check-out time is 11am.
If a late check-out is required, an additional "Stay ’n Play” charge will apply. – $17.99 kennel $21.99 house

Additional Services

  • Trail Walk$6.99
  • Two Trail Walks (In same day) $9.99
  • Canine Cove$8.99
    • Canine Cove and Trail Walk Combo $12.49
    • Bosco and Roxy's Cookie $1.99
    • Bosco and Roxy's Frozen Yogrrz $2.99
    • One on One Session *NOW with guaranteed Facebook Post of your pup! $9.99
    • All Grooming Services *Inquire

What Should You Bring?

All guests bring their own food (preferably in a hard container), and any special feeding items or medication.
Toys and small blankets that are machine washable are welcome. An item with your scent on it (for example pillowcases) helps comfort a homesick guest. It is not necessary to bring feeding/water bowls as we have plenty. We do not give rawhide treats or pigs ears.
Please, no glass containers or bowls. We sometimes have slobbery hands! Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccinations, including Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies (for new customers or annual updates). All three vaccines must be up to date.

Your Own Food

We do not feed raw-hide or pig ear treats. Please leave these at home.

Any Medication

We administer any medication or herbal supplement your pup is needing within 7am-9pm daily. This cost is FREE for our VIP guests, $0.75/administration for all other guests.

Machine Washable Blankets or Toys

Their favourite, can't-live-without toys are welcome!
Please do not bring big beds. If required, please just bring in the cover!

No Dishes Needed

We have the essentials! All feeding dishes and serving equipment are washed and sterilized between uses.

Vaccines Required

All guests must be up to date on all vaccines to attend (including puppies). Vaccines required are:


1-3 Years (As required by your veterinarian)


1-3 Years (As required by your veterinarian)